In 1999 I founded NIO Urban Research and Consultancy based on my involvement in and fascination with social aspects of the built environment. I conduct research, give advice, write texts and give lectures on current topics at the interface of urban sociology, urban design and architecture. For six years I have been editor of the journal Urbanism & Spatial Planning. I have taught at, among others, the Academy of Architecture Rotterdam and the University of Amsterdam. In 2016 I obtained my PhD at the Faculty of Social and Behavioral Sciences of the University of Amsterdam.

NIO Urban Research focuses on the social and cultural dynamics in today's multiform city. The starting point in my research is always the interaction between the planned city of professionals and the lived city of residents. I investigate the use and significance of public spaces, residential complexes, neighborhoods and cities and explore new developments in society that can provide starting points for policymakers, urban planners and architects. Over the past twenty years I have gained extensive experience in qualitative research into socio-cultural developments in urban areas and suburbs and in various types of public spaces. I use different methods to map the cultural diversity in an area and the behavior and wishes of residents and users. With my spatial-sociological way of looking, I can properly embed spatial issues in a social context and I can reflect sharply on policy plans and designs.

NIO Urban Research and Consultancy can be engaged for:
* Urban sociological research and advice
* Essays and editorial work
* Lectures, reflections and education

Clients range from governments and private parties, educational institutions, knowledge institutes and centres for architecture, offices for urbanism, architecture and landscape architecture, architectural historians and artists.

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